CAG says Civil Societies Have Inspired Them

Picking up theme of governance from where Justice J S Verma left, Comptroller and Auditor General of India Vinod Rai said yesterday evening that the civil society in India was undergoing a churn with the citizen coming to the centre-stage and wanting to hold government accountable for its decisions.

Stating that his audit body had responded to the changes demanded by citizens, Rai said they it introduced several changes that includes “the firm belief that we are as much engaged in the business of upgrading governance as any other agency in the administration.” Rai said good governance is possible when authority and institutions are accountable, effective and efficient, transparent, responsive, equitable and inclusive and follow the rule of law. “In the present age, governance has assumed such critical proportions that it appears too important to be left only to the government,” the CAG said.

Upgrading governance meant exceeding its mandate and Rai observed that since the Indian democracy is maturing and the urban middle class is becoming more involved in citizen’s affairs, “we continue to tread the new path in the belief that the final stakeholder is the public at large.”

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